Data Usage Policy

Alliance Insurance Brokers app is use for Employees they can manage and access their family coverages and Sum Insured balances, download e-cards, track insurance claims in real-time, view and understand their plan benefits & coverages, search and access Network hospitals, provides guides on making claims, download forms, contact customer service and do a lot more. In addition to the Alliance Insurance Brokers web portal, the app provides great value to Employees to manage their benefits on the go. The app itself is built on brand new technology that will make it faster and easier for us to give you additional features and better experiences across all your devices in the future. Built-in identity and security features include user identity, two-factor authentication, and transaction security policies to ensure safe usage without impacting user experience.

It is having fitness module, If user select fitness module in Alliance Insurance Brokers app then we request user for Google permanent and if user allow the permission our app. Then we sync the data from user account that are sleep time, steps, heart rate blood pressure details and by this details we perform calculation then show aktivo score to user so, this details we are using to display data properly using on graph and other important parameters that help user to know his fitness track record properly. The Aktivo Score®, a single score will be able to tell you the combined effect of your daily physical activities. More than just a step calculator or a calorie counter, the Aktivo Score® gives you a single measure of how well you are doing. The combined effect of physical activity and sleep has a direct influence on your health. Aktivo makes this profound relationship simple and easy to understand with a single score. What's more, it is contextualised to your age and gender to give you a personalised measure just for you. Deeply rooted in science, Aktivo is your daily companion in making the right lifestyle choices for both your physical and emotional well-being. And it's all in your pocket. You can connect with your wearable or just your smartphone to start! This Privacy Policy sets out the basis upon which any personal data that is collected from you by us will be processed. Aktivolabs Pte. Ltd. is the controller responsible for the Mobile Application partner with Alliance Insurance Brokers Employee benefits company.

Once user is logged in then will be redirected to main screen or dashboard and we will request two user permission of App permission screen shot are attached below that are
- Access to photos and media on your device
- Allow to access physical activity

Once the user is allowed the permission he will able to see home screen or dashboard on that there will be data available of insurance, fitness, My coverage, Network hospital, My claims, My queries, e-card, utilities, user profile, policy features, etc. this all details are available for user

Once the user is selecting a fitness option or fitness module then he/she will be redirected to the other activity or page of fitness and then we request for gmail permission from the user. Permission is used for Activity data collected from the Google Fitness API will be used to compute the lifestyle Score. It will also be used to run various challenges and features to drive behavioral change for the end-users of the app. Privacy Policy is in effect to inform users on how their data will be collected and processed.

For easily to understand the users regarding its details we suggestion install google fit app in your device

This are the layout where we are displaying all the details in graphics in weekly monthly details for steps that count, heart rate then sleep hr of the user we are tracking and displaying app with aktivo score

This are the details of our app which we are using for user benefits and help them to track there health of sleep, heart rate, steps count.